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What Is Crystal Jewelry

People have been buying and investing on jewelry since the dawn of civilization. Some cultures see it as adornments […]

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Maximize Loose Cubic Zirconia Profits With These Viral Marketing Tools

Loose cubic zirconia adds shimmering beauty to any piece of jewelry. If you own a jewelry business, you realize that offering affordable cubic zirconia jewelry can add to your bottom line. Customers are often amazed at how gorgeous CZ stones can be and how they can own more jewelry for less when shopping for cubic zirconia jewelry. But no matter how beautiful and affordable it may be, cubic zirconia jewelry will not benefit your retail store unless you market your business properly. Use the viral marketing tools […]

Hobby to Business – Marketing Your Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelries are among the jewelries that are increasing in popularity, nowadays. They have always been sold pretty well. They are great gifts which is why during holidays, its sales increase. There are many designs, colors and even cuts that you could choose from. Crystal jewelries are not just something you can buy in certain stores, you can even make them at home. They are individuals who are finding making their own crystal jewelries a great hobby. Making your own jewelry is a great way of personalizing […]

Bulk Buying of Bead and Jewelry Making Supplies Increase Your Profit for a Home Based Business

All you need to start up your own jewelry business are beads and jewelry making supplies. Making your new jewelry business a home based business makes it even more economical. Your bead and jewelry making supplies are very inexpensive, since you already have your hands, and there is no overhead when working out of your home. Bulk Buying Your bead and jewelry making supplies can and should be bought wholesale and also in bulk. It is much cheaper for the new business owner to buy their beads […]

Get Started in the Wholesale Jewelry Business

If you are in search of a great e-commerce business, be sure to take a strong look at the wholesale jewelry business. Since the advent of the internet more and more people are doing their shopping online. This shopping includes people who are scouring the internet in search of quality jewelry at a great price. The online market for wholesale jewelry companies has been increasing every year, and there is no end in sight. People are in need of these products for work, their social wardrobe, or […]